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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Degree Requirements

The B.S.Ch.E. requires successful completion of 132 credit hours. The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering requires 96 - 100 credits in General Math and Science courses and Chemical Engineering Core and focus area courses. Electives may be chosen from the Course Catalog to satisfy the additional department requirements for breadth or focus area. The General Announcements identify the University Distribution Requirements.

Detailed course descriptions and prerequisites for each class are available through the online course schedule. Students should pay particular attention to the co-requisites and prerequisites for each course to ensure that these are met prior to attempting to register for courses.

The official degree and course requirements are those found in the General Announcements. Students having questions or concerns about their requirements and course selections should seek advice from their Chemical Engineering Faculty Advisor  

General Math and Science Courses

Chemistry (18 hours required)

CHEM 121/123 General Chemistry I/General Chemistry Lab I OR CHEM 151/153 Honors Chemistry I/Honors Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 122/124 General Chemistry II/General Chemistry Lab II OR CHEM 152/154  Honors Chemistry II/Honors Chemistry Laboratory II   
CHEM 211/213  Organic Chemistry I/Organic Chemistry Discussion 
CHEM 217 OR CHEM 215  Organic Chemistry Lab  

Two of the following: 
    i.   CHEM 212  Organic Chemistry II 
    ii.  CHEM 311  Physical Chemistry I 
    iii. CHEM 312  Physical Chemistry II  

Math (15 hours required)

MATH 101 - Single Variable Calculus I
MATH 102 - Single Variable Calculus II
MATH 211- Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MATH 212 - Multivariable Calculus

MATH 381 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations OR
CAAM 336 - Differential Equations in Science and Engineering

Physics (7 hours required)

PHYS 101/103  Mechanics (with Lab)/Mechanics Discussion OR PHYS 111 - Mechanics with Laboratory
PHYS 102/104 Electricity and Magnetism/E&M Discussion OR PHYS 112 - Electricity and Magnetism with Laboratory 

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Core Courses

Students must complete the following core courses. (41 credit hours required)

CHBE 301  Chemical Engineering Fundamentals  
CHBE 303  Computer Programming in Chemical Engineering  
CHBE 305  Computational Methods for Chemical Engineers  
CHBE 310  Fundamentals of Biomolecular Engineering  
CHBE 343  Chemical Engineering Lab I  
CHBE 350  Process Safety 
CHBE 390  Kinetics and Reactor Design  
CHBE 401 and CHBE 402  Transport Phenomena I and II  
CHBE 403  Design Fundamentals  
CHBE 404  Chemical Engineering Design 
CHBE 411 and CHBE 412  Thermodynamics I and II  
CHBE 443  Chemical Engineering Lab II  
CHBE 470  Process Dynamics and Control 

Breadth and Specialization Areas

Click on the desired breadth or specialization area to be taken to a list of required and approved courses.

Breadth (12 credit hours required)

Students who select this option will be required to take course electives in at least two other engineering disciplines to satisfy this requirement. Click HERE to see approved courses for this option.

Specialization Areas (15 credit hours required)

Instead of the engineering breadth option, students may use their electives to create a focus, or concentration, area in one of the following disciplines:

Click on the name of a specialization area to see the requirements for that option.