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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Doctoral Degrees

James L. Buchwalter
Ph.D. 1994. A New Simplified Compositional Simulator. (Thesis Advisor:Clarence A. Miller). Texaco.

Chih-Huang Ho
Ph.D. 1994. Metabolic Studies of Catharanthus roseus Hairy Root Cultures by 31P and 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. (Thesis Advisor: Jacqueline V. Shanks). Development Center for Biotechnology, Taiwan.

Ahmad F. Ismail
Ph.D. 1994. The Effect of Process Conditions on Coal Pyrolysis and Char Reactivity. (Thesis Advisor: Kyriacos Zygourakis). University of Malaysia.

David Jones
Ph.D. 1994. Leukocyte Adhesion to Endothelial Cells under Flow Conditions. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire). Baylor College of Medicine.

Jean-Luc Joye
Ph.D. 1994. Mechanisms of Symmetric and Asymmetric Drainage of Foam Films. (Thesis Advisors: Clarence A. Miller and George J. Hirasaki). Rhone Poulenc, France.

Mario A. Llano-Restrepo
Ph.D. 1994. Molecular Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation of Concentrated Aqueous Alkali Halide Solutions at 25 C. (Thesis Advisor: Walter G. Chapman). Universidad del Valle, Cali Colombia.

Jeffrey K McCrary
Ph.D. 1994. Receptor-Specific Binding of Von Willebrand Factor to Platelets in Response to Shear Stress. (Thesis Advisor: J. David Hellums). Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Charles W. Patrick, Jr.
Ph.D. 1994 Video Microscopy and Digital Image Processing Applied to Tissue Engineering: Intracellular Ion and Cell Adhesion Measurements. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire). Department of Plastic Surgery, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

John T. Patton
Ph.D. 1994. Flow Studies of Tumor Cell Adhesion/Stabilization. (Thesis Advisor:Larry V. McIntire). GlycoTech

Teeradetch Tungsubutra
Ph.D. 1994. Solubilization - Emulsification Processes in Nonionic Surfactant- Water-Liquid Triglyceride Systems (Thesis Advisor: Clarence A. Miller). SC Johnson Wax.

Master of Science Degrees

Frantz Beznik
M.S. 1994. Corresponding States Coorelations Relating Proton Spin-Lattice Relaxation Rates of Hydrocarbons to Viscosities at Advanced Pressures. (Thesis Advisor: Riki Kobayashi).

Brian Furlong
M.S. 1994. Selective Hyderogenation of 1, 3-Butadiene in 1-Butene Over Alumina Supported Palladium and Palladium/Copper Catalysts. (Thesis Advisor: Joe W. Hightower).

Chad Segura
M.S. 1994. Associating Fluids Near a Hard Planar Wall. (Thesis Advisor:Walter G. Chapman).

Master of Chemical Engineering Degrees

Jeffrey Anderlik