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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Doctoral Degrees

Aristos Aristidou
Ph.D. 1995. Application of Metabolic and Biochemical Engineering Techniques for the Enhancement of Recombinant Protein Production in Escherichia coli. (Thesis Advisor: Ka-Yiu San).

Rajiv Bhadra
Ph.D. 1995. Establishment, Cultivation and Optimization of Hairy Roots ofCatharanthus roseus for the Synthesis of Indole Alkaloids. (Thesis Advisor: Jacqueline V. Shanks).

Chih-Hsiung Chou
Ph.D. 1995. Biochemical and Genetic Engineering Strategies to Enhance Recombinant Protein Production in Escherichia Coli. (Thesis Advisor: Ka-Yiu San).

Dhananjay Ghonasgi
Ph.D. 1995. Prediction of the Thermodynamic Properties of Associating Polyatomic Fluids. (Thesis Advisor: Walter G. Chapman).

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Ph.D. 1995. Flow Cytometric Studies of Platelet Responses to Shear Stress. (Thesis Advisor: J. David Hellums).

Yih Lee
Ph.D. 1995. Computer-Assisted Analysis of Endothelial Cell Migration and Proliferation. (Thesis Advisor: Kyriacos Zygourakis).

John Mathew
Ph.D. 1995. A Study of the Fluid Mechanics and the Cultivation of Mammalian Cells in a Magnetically Stabilized Fluidized Bed Bioreactor. (Thesis Advisor: Ka-Yiu San).

Vinod Palathinkara
Ph.D. 1995. Effect of Fluid Rheology on Hole Cleaning in Highly Deviated Wells. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire). Dowell Schlumberger.

Julia Myers Ross
Ph.D. 1995. Platelet Interactions with Subendothelial Surfaces Under Physiological Shear Conditions: Response to Type VI Collagen and an Endothelial Cell Wound Model. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire).

John Wagner
Ph.D. 1995. Macromolecular Permeability of Endothelial Cells Subjected to Biochemical and Mechanical Stimuli. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire).

Master of Science Degrees

Stephane Ferdrin
M.S. 1995. Viscosity and Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time of Supercritical CO2-n-Hexadecane Mixtures, and Molar Density and Isobaric Heat Capacity Ratios for Dense Fluids. (Thesis Advisor: Riki Kobayashi).

Christina Liu
M.S. 1995. Nonlinear Model of External Respiration. (Thesis Advisor: Ka-Yiu San).

Master of Chemical Engineering Degrees

Adam Amir Metry