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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Doctoral Degrees

Ashokkumar Chilakapati
Ph.D. 1993. Numerical Simulation of Reaetive Flow and Transport through the Subsurface (Thesis Advisor: Clarence A. Miller and Mary F. Wheeler ). Pacific Northwest Laboratories.

Patrick Etesse
Ph.D. 1993. High Pressure NMR study of CO2- and Supercritical CO2-n-Hexadecane Mixtures (Thesis Advisor: Riki Kobayashi ). Procter & Gamble, Belgium.

Lance Munn
Ph.D. 1993. The Application of Digital Image Analysis Techniques to Studies of Lymphocyte Function. (ThesisAdvisor: Kyriacos Zygourakis ). Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School.

Nicholas J. Panaro, III.
Ph.D. 1993. The Effect of Laminar Fluid Flow on Thrombomodulin Activity and Gene Regulation in Human Endothelial Cells. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire ). NIH.

Charles Y. Liu
Ph.D. 1993. A Study on the Resistances to Oxygen Transport in the Microcirculation. (Thesis Advisor: J. David Hellums ). Yale University Medical School.

Peng Yu
Ph.D. 1993. Characterization and Application of a Periplasmic Protein Releasing System for Extracellular Recombinant Protein Production in Escherichia coli. (Thesis Advisor: KaYiu San ). Bristol Myers Squibb.

Master of Science Degrees

Christian Becker
M.S. 1993. Investigation on Methods and Mechanisms for Cure Shrinkage Control in Unfilled Resin Systems. (Thesis Advisor: Constantine D. Armeniades).

Francois Bossiere
M.S. 1993. Influence of Pyrolysis Conditions on Macropore Structure of Char Particles. (Thesis Advisor: Kyriacos Zygourakis).

Marie-Dominique Fabiola Fernet
M.S. 1993. High Resolution NMR Studies of Wild-type and High Osmolarity Mutants of S. Cerevisiae. (Thesis Advisor: Jacqueline V. Shanks).

Deidra Fuller
M.S. 1993. Removal of Carbon Dioxide and Water Using a Solid Amine Adsorption Bed for Extended Space Flight. (Thesis Advisor: Sam Davis).

Valerie Gibert
M.S. 1993. Effect of Novel Antiplatelet Agent, IC, on Mural Thrombogensis in Human Blood Perfused Over a Collagen Coated Surface. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire).

Master of Chemical Engineering Degrees

John Pendergrass
Alexander Von Recum