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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Doctoral Degrees

Vikas Budhiraja
Ph.D. 1997. Effect of Hemoglobin Polymerization on the Oxygen Transport in Hemoglobin Solutions and Packed Cells. (Thesis Advisor: J. David Hellums).

Susan L. Ishaug-Riley
Ph.D. 1997. Bone Formation By Three-Dimensional Osteoblast Culture In Biodegradable Poly (a-Hydroxy Ester) Scaffolds. (Thesis Advisor: Antonios G. Mikos).

Christina H. Liu
Ph.D. 1997. Nonlinear Parameter Estimation in a Model of Airway Mechanics/Pulmonary Circulation and Gas Exchange. (Thesis Advisor: Ka-Yiu San).

Brenda Kathleen Mann
Ph.D. 1997. In vivo 31P and 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Study Cellular Metabolism. (Thesis Advisor: Jacqueline V. Shanks).

Thomas Carey Page
Ph.D. 1997. Oxygen Transport by Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitutes. (Thesis Advisor: J. David Hellums).

Maria G. Papadaki
Ph.D. 1997. Effect of Fluid Shear Stress on the Growth and Metabolism of Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells. (Thesis Advisor: Larry V. McIntire).

Tauseef Salma
Ph.D. 1997. Effect of Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants on the Biodegradation of Solubilized n-Decane. (Thesis Advisor: Clarence A. Miller).

Gurmeet Singh
Ph.D. 1997. Drainage of Static and Translating Foam Films. (Thesis Advisor:Clarence A. Miller and George J. Hirasaki).

Robert C. Thomson
Ph.D. 1997. Biodegradable Polymer Scaffold Fabrication and the Creation of Tissue Engineered Bone. (Thesis Advisor: Antonios G. Mikos).

Christopher Todd Wagner
Ph.D. 1997. Effects of Fluid Dynamic Shear Stress on Platelet Aggregability Under Pathophysiologic Conditions. (Thesis Advisor: J. David Hellums).


Master of Science Degrees

Guillaume Besnard
M.S. 1997. Thermodynamics and Kinetics Studies of Formation and Decomposition of Clathrates Hydrates of Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Their Mixtures Using a Differential Heat Flux Calorimeter. (Thesis Advisor: Riki Kobayashi). 

Irena Ying Chen
M.S.l997. The Role of Homoserine Lactone in the Activation of Escherichia coli Stationary Phase Genes. (Thesis Advisor: Ka-Yiu San).

Tee-Lin Chuah
M.S. 1997. Estimation of Relaxation Time Distribution for nMR CP MG Measurements. (Thesis Advisor: George J. Hirasaki).

Pallav Jain
M.S. 1997. Identification and Calculation of Reference Fluid Properties of Electrolyte Solutions. (Thesis Advisor: Walter G. Chapman).

Victor Perez Carassai
M.S. 1997. Thermodynamics Properties of Hydrocarbons and Fluorocarbons Using the Saft Equation. (Thesis Advisor: Walter G. Chapman).

Daniel Thanh-Khac Pham
M.S. 1997. Wettability/Spreading of Alkanes at the Water-Gas Interface at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures. (Thesis Advisor: George J. Hirasaki).

Mary Conley Wake
M.S. 1997. Fabrication of Pliable Polymer Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Particulate Effects on Osteoblast Function. (Thesis Advisor: Antonios G. Mikos).


Master of Chemical Engineering Degrees

Rui Song