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EMAIL: mrobert@rice.edu
PHONE: 713-348-3516
OFFICE: B114 Abercrombie Building

Marc A. Robert

Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Our research is concerned with theoretical, experimental and computer simulation studies of the properties of matter. Of particular current interest are magnetic nanoclusters and carbon nanotubes, polymer, DNA, protein, and colloidal systems, ferroelectrics and disordered systems. The properties of magnetic nanoclusters embedded in metallic or semiconducting solids are fascinating, in particular due to the fact that the effective interactions are temperature dependent and lead to a rich variety of phase transitions. Like atomic or molecular systems, polymer, colloidal, DNA and protein systems exist as liquid-, gas- or solid-like phases, and exhibit phase transitions between them. We study theoretically and experimentally the microscopic structure, phase transitions and transport properties (such as diffusion) of these systems in two and three dimensions. In investigations of the thermodynamic and structural properties of thin solid films, Professor Robert and Professor Rabson, of the Electrical Engineering Department at Rice, study ferroelectric materials deposited on various metallic or semiconducting substrates.