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Financial Support

PhD Students

Most graduate students enrolled in the PhD program of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering receive financial support throughout the calendar year.

Entering students are normally awarded Rice University fellowships, which carry competitive stipends, plus another grant to cover tuition and part of their health insurance premium. The department also has a few special awards for PhD applicants with outstanding credentials that are awarded on a competitive basis. These awards carry an additional monetary stipend.


After the first two semesters, all students are supported on research assistantships or numerous other research-associated fellowships. Financial support continues for ten semesters and as long as a student makes satisfactory progress towards her/his degree. Stipend levels are reviewed annually by the department and are periodically adjusted to reflect changes in the cost of living in the Houston area.

Incoming students are encouraged to apply for National Science Foundation (NSF) predoctoral fellowships and other federal or industrial fellowships. Applications for NSF awards must be made by the student in October or November of every year. The appropriate forms may be obtained from:

The NSF Fellowship Office
4201 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, Virginia 22230

Students who enter our graduate program with an NSF or similar fellowship receive an additional monetary stipend from departmental sources.

MChE Students

There is no financial support available for students enrolled in the MChE or the joint MChE / MBA programs.