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2017 Leland Lecture

The 2017 Thomas W. Leland Lecture was held on March 30th, 2017. About 200 people were on hand to hear Dr. Enrique Iglesia, the Theodore Vermuelen Chair of Chemical Engineering at the University of California’s Berkeley campus, speak about his research on C1 conversion strategies. The Leland Lecture draws an audience from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds, and Dr. Iglesia’s lecture was aimed at both. He presented an interesting topic in a way that could be appreciated even by those without a science background. Afterwards, a reception was held on the Duncan Hall patio. Mrs. Frances Leland, who generously created the endowment for the lecture after the loss of Professor Leland, was able to make the trip from Austin with their daughter Molly Dunaway. A number of other family members and contemporaries of Professor Leland from his time at Rice were also in attendance. A private dinner by invitation completed the evening.