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Alumni Mentoring Program

The Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) Alumni Advisory Board supports AIChE student chapter and ChBE Graduate Student Association (GSA) objectives to connect students with Rice ChBE alumni for mentoring activities.  Our goal is to leverage alumni experiences and insights to facilitate student learning and growth.  Alumni volunteer experiences in a variety of industries and businesses can help students learn more about potential career plans, professional development, networking and industry cultures.  Volunteers can meet with students in small groups or on an individual basis to act as sounding boards and informal advisers.  Alumni can provide tips on job searches, share insights on prospects in different industries, and help deal with other issues in transitioning from student life to a professional in work place.  Volunteers can also assist with interviewing skills and elevator speech development and practice.

Alumni interested in participating in mentoring activities should contact the ChBE department coordinator at chbe@rice.edu.  Students interested in participating in this program should contact, for undergraduates, the AIChE Mentorship Chair at aiche@rice.edu or, for graduate students, the GSA rep, Yongchao Zeng, at yz42@rice.edu.