Selection of PhD Advisor

Students are admitted to the PhD program in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering — not to the research groups of individual faculty.

Below are the steps in selecting your advisor:

  • During your first semester, attend seminar series where faculty discuss their research programs
  • Students then discuss possible research projects with individual faculty
  • Students select their top three choices from at least three distinctive faculty presenters 
  • The department will strive to match the preferences of each student to those of the chosen faculty and research project
  • Entering students normally affiliate with a research group before the beginning of their second semester, at which time work on the research project begins

About four to five years of study are normally necessary to complete the Ph.D. degree requirements at Rice University. Graduate students are expected to assume maximum responsibility for their own progress and to develop habits of inquiry that will ensure continuing intellectual development throughout their careers.

Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) assists and advises students, coordinates and updates the department graduate degree requirements and procedures, and reviews student petitions.

Students may petition the GSC for exceptions to academic and departmental requirements (course substitution, waivers, etc).

2024-25 ChBE Graduate Committee Advisors

Petitions are submitted in writing by emailing the GSC at