BA with a Major in Chemical Engineering

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in chemical engineering program at Rice University is flexible, with 72 of the 120 required hours being specified by the department. Those hours are in the areas of chemical engineering, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

The flexibility of the BA program allows students to pursue other areas of interest or a double major. Required courses are outlined in the General Announcements, as are elective courses and university distribution requirements.


Students having questions or concerns about their requirements and course selections should seek advice from their faculty advisor.

Apply to Rice

All prospective students should apply through Rice University's Office of Admission. They can also help you schedule a visit to campus.

Learn more about enrollments and degrees awarded for programs in the George R. Brown School of Engineering School.

Fifth-Year Master's Degree

Upon completion of the BA program, a student is eligible to apply for a fifth year of specialized study leading to the degree of Master of Chemical Engineering (MChE). Speak to your academic advisor to learn more.