Courses & Requirements

The MChE degree candidate at Rice University must complete at least 30 hours of courses beyond those counted for their undergraduate degree per university guidelines.

For an overview of all requirements and policies as part of the MChE Program, go to General Announcements.

Course Requirements

ChBE degree course requirements are as follows. 

  • Minimum 30 hours (10 three-credit hour) courses at 500 level or higher
  • At least 24 of these hours must be at Rice University
  • A grade of B- or better must be attained for all degree courses
  • In accordance with university policy, students who’s GPA falls below 2.33 will be placed on academic probation

MChE students are required to take at least four of the following core graduate chemical engineering courses during their first two semesters in residence.

  • Thermodynamics (CHBE 611)
  • Mathematics (CHBE 692)
  • Transport (CHBE 501, 602)
  • Kinetics (CHBE 590)

In addition, approved courses from the following disciplines will count towards meeting the course requirements:

  • Engineering
  • Natural Science
  • Management
  • Mathematics training

Undergraduate Requirements

Students with a non-chemical engineering undergraduate degree may be required to take core undergraduate chemical engineering courses, as determined in consultation with the program director.  These undergraduate courses will not count toward the MChE degree course requirements.

Residency Requirement

Professional master’s students must meet a residency requirement. Rice General Announcements state, "Students enrolled in professional master’s programs in science and engineering may fulfill the residency requirement by completing at least one full fall or spring semester with part-time enrollment."