Open Positions

The School of Engineering at Rice University has announced multiple faculty openings which emphasize key research thrusts within the school.

Each faculty position hired will have a home in one of the nine Rice Engineering departments, and applicants to our department should indicate that they want the application reviewed by the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering during the application process.

Both experimental and computational research will be considered within each area, and more detail regarding each position and potential relevant to our department is provided below.

For questions about the positions or the application process, please email Prof. Rafael Verduzco, chair of the search committee.

Energy & Sustainability

We are seeking candidates that are doing pioneering work relevant to the water-energy-climate nexus including renewable energy, energy storage, water treatment and re-use, energy-efficient separation processes, recovery of critical minerals and metals, biochemical conversion technologies to produce renewable chemicals and fuels, and sustainable chemical manufacturing.

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Resilient & Adaptive Communities

We are seeking candidates within this broad area, which includes  self-sensing and reconfigurable systems, energy and water-efficient buildings, and sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

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Advanced Materials

We are seeking candidates whose research aligns with the following areas: next-generation electronics/photonics, such as quantum and 2D materials and organic and polymeric conductors and semiconductors; materials synthesis, processing, fabrication, and prototyping including the production of novel forms of materials, integration of dissimilar materials, scaling science, advanced etching and lithography processes, and beyond; Energy Systems, focused on developing materials innovations to transform energy storage and conversion/harvesting; and Environmental Stewardship, focused on developing materials innovations to assure responsible use of natural resources and long-term stewardship of our air, soil, and water.

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The successful candidate will possess expertise in computational and/or experimental neuroengineering, with potential impact areas including, but not limited to: neuromodulation, neuroprosthesis, regenerative medicine/ aging, diagnosis of neurological conditions and disorders, as well as fundamental and clinical neurosciences.

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Future Computing

We are seeking candidates with an expertise in computing related to domains such as energy systems, material design, and power systems and artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to materials discovery and physics-infused modelling.

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